Mission Statement

Bead of Hope: Pour L'Amour D'Haiti, a collaborative community initiative, focuses on bringing relief, prosperity, and hope to Haitian citizens through the building of schools, churches, and other such infrastructure and providing relief efforts when required. Bead of Hope strives to empower Haitian's by providing the resources required to rebuild their hope, spirit, and well-being.

Haiti Charity
Brianna Schacter

Brianna Schacter is a senior at Holy Innocents' Episcopal School in Atlanta, Georgia. She is eighteen years old and   very involved with community service. Brianna has been involved in not only her local community, but also abroad in places such as Costa Rica, and Greece. Being a member of the "Program for Global Citizenship", Brianna has studied   and learned what it means to be an involved citizen. In 2010 Brianna spent a year in Greece studying and participating in the community. During her senior year Brianna, along with classmate Lily, became involved in creating a nonprofit organization. Brianna Helped to raise almost $4,600 in December for Haiti during Bead of Hope's first function.

Lily Rolader

Lily Rolader is a senior at Holy Innocents' Episcopal school in Atlanta, GA. She is seventeen years old and has been strongly involved with Haiti for the last couple years, She is also a member of "The program in Global Citizenship". Last year, she helped raise over $10,000 during her school's Haiti Week, which was a student planned week of fund raisers. She is also strongly involved in the theater community. Some of her roles consist of Marty in Grease and Hermia in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. She has always been enthusiastic about the arts, especially jewelry making and decided to combine her passions to create this non-profit business with her classmate, Brianna.